"Out of Order" Parking Meters

So many Vancouverites complain about the parking meters- there are too many of them, they are too expensive, they are surrounding facilities that should be accessible to everyone for free such as community centres and parks, hospitals and even schools. We, as abiding citizens, are expected to pay for parking and are encouraged to download an app on our phone to do so. Well, what if we do not want to download this app? What if we do not want to use the data on our phone? And what about the elderly who do not have a phone? How discriminatory! Simple solution! Use good old fashioned money. What else are we going to use our loose coins for? Oh, wait a minute! Most parking metres do not accept dimes and they all definitely do not accept nickels. Furthermore, there are alot of parking meters which eat up your money yet do not give you time credit. Just as they expect us to pay for parking, we expect the City of Vancouver to own up and fix those parking meters that eat up our hard earned cash!