Not So Secret Tea Garden

We have made it abundantly clear that Ruby and I love drinking tea! So, it will come as no surprise that one of our favourite pastimes is going for high tea or lunch at tea houses throughout Vancouver. The Secret Tea Garden in the Kerrisdale area is my favourite so far, and it seems to be the favourite of alot of people! Although the new location is not as cozy as the old one and they no longer carry Queen Helen tea, my favourite things about it are the chandeliers, the pretty teacups, the yummy currant scones and the tasty mini sandwiches. The food is beautifully presented and the ambience is one of casual elegance. Also worth noting is the brightness of the restaurant, the fresh flowers and the acoustics. Given all this, there is no doubt that The Secret Tea Garden definitely has all the makings of a modern teahouse worth going to. But does it? It was crystal clear from my last three visits that this teahouse, although my favourite, is definitely not perfect! Firstly, the waitress ignored Ruby's vegetarian request for high tea. Secondly, the beautiful high tea tray was served with a very long human hair! Thirdly, Ruby's soup was served on the cool side and during that particular visit the waitress did not bother to come by and ask us how everything was. Finally, they were out of currant scones at 11 in the morning!! I decided one day to pick up some of their delicious currant scones to go. When I entered, no one was there to greet me, no one was behind the counter and in fact two staff saw that I was waiting at the counter and did not make an effort to greet me or serve me. I did not bother waiting around as I saw that the basket of scones only had two cheese ones left. Despite the poor customer service and lack of product, I will remain a loyal customer to the Secret Tea Garden, however, my quest for a better teahouse continues. Can you help me out?