The Flower of Love

Here we are - launch day for Abby & Ruby, and we are so excited!! One of the things that we strongly believe is that flowers make everything a little bit better! We’ve created ‘Flower Time’ so we can share with you facts and tips and knowledge about all things floral. (Do you know what Vancouver’s best kept secret about the floral industry is?? That’s something we’ll share with you another day!)

For now, since our launch date is today - Valentine’s Day - we knew there was no better way to start ‘Flower Time’ than with talking about the ‘Flower of Love’ - the red rose.

Flowers actually have their own language - The Language of Flowers - and each variety has a special meaning attached to it. Within each variety, the colour of the bloom can impact the meaning. For example, a pink rose suggests perfect happiness, a yellow rose is for friendship and a purple rose for passion. While some of these messages might not be so clear, rest assured that when you give a red rose - whether it’s a stunning single bloom or a ravishing bouquet - your message of ‘I love you’ will not be misunderstood!

Robert Burns words, “Oh my Luve is like a red, red, rose; That’s newly sprung in June…”. have stood the test of time and truly speak to the fact that the red rose is the ultimate expression of love - on Valentine’s Day or any other day of the year!

Fun Facts about Roses:

  • It is the birth month flower for June.

  • It is the national flower for the UK and the USA.

  • It is the official state flower for New York, North Dakota and Georgia.

  • There are over a hundred species of roses.

  • A ‘Black Rose’ is not actually black but a dark red.