The Flower for Friends

The Alstromeria! A flower that has definitely gone ‘under the radar’ for far too long, but once you know their special meaning they could quickly become one of your favourites.

In the language of flowers, each flower is assigned a special meaning. The Alstromeria represents friendship - and for good reason. Each of the delicate petals signifies a quality you would like to have in a friend - understanding, humour, patience, compassion, vigour and respect. The Alstromeria - just like a friendship - starts out rather plain and simple, but as times goes by it explodes into a burst of colour and beauty! What could be better than that as a gift for a friend?!

What makes this even better is these flowers are available all year long, are affordable, come in an array of colours and have a long vase life! So next time you are at your local florist, pop in and pick up a bunch or two and see what you think. We’d love to know your thoughts so please share with us in the comment section below.