Mixed Reviews


In our quest for the best teahouse in Vancouver, Abby and I continued our search with a visit to Neverland Tea Salon. Located in the Kitsilano area of Vancouver, they describe themselves as, “Not your average tea salon. Neverland is an amalgamation of everything we love: celebration, decadence, ritual, whimsy and creativity….” 

Here’s what we thought:

Décor: The tearoom is comfortable and charming , with plenty of seating. The tables near the window (where we were seated) are especially lovely with lots of natural light.

Service: Initially, we weren’t impressed by the service as when we started off by ordering tea the server forgot our one simple request - to please bring almond milk as well as regular milk. A small thing perhaps, but still worth noting. However, things improved when our server changed partway through the meal and from that point on we received friendly and thoughtful service. 

Food: We decided to order from the lunch menu instead of having High Tea. Abby ordered the soup and salad and really enjoyed the seasonality of it. My warm quinoa salad was delicious, if not a bit overpriced at $19.00. It was a large portion that could easily be enough for two meals if you felt like taking some home with you  - but let’s face it, you may not always want to carry part of your meal around with you for the rest of the day! I would have preferred it to be about 2/3 the size for 2/3 the cost. It would still have been a tasty and satisfying meal, but just at a more reasonable price point.

Tea: Abby and I both chose the same tea – Irish Breakfast – so one pot was brought for the table. It was the smallest pot of tea we have ever seen when going to a teashop! And did I mention it was for the two of us?!  

After we had our first cup, we requested more hot water for the pot and it was suggested to us that just adding more water would dilute the tea and we’d be better off ordering a fresh pot. This, of course, meant paying for another pot. We chose to just add more water!

Allergy Sensitivity: When Abby and I go out this is something we take note of, as one of us does not eat dairy and one eats vegetarian. Neverland is very accommodating to customers with allergies or special dietary requirements, and we were impressed by their large assortment of vegan and gluten-omitted items. They also have helpful allergy lists available for all menu items.

The Bottom Line:  On the positive side, the food we tried was delicious and the décor was charming. Neverland also gets big bonus points for allergy sensitivity. On the negative side, the service was inconsistent and the menu items overpriced. So while we wouldn’t say we’d never go there again, we’re also not in a rush to go back.

Our search continues for the best teahouse in Vancouver! Do you have anywhere you suggest we try?