Coffee Break- European Style

If I have time to pop into a coffee shop in the afternoon for a cup of tea or an Americano, I am a happy camper. It gives me time to catch up with my emails or online reading, enjoy a good book or people watch. 

Unfortunately, I am and have always been tempted by the baked goods. But, who needs 500+ extra calories when you just had lunch? And, lets face it, most baked goods at coffee chains are terrible and disappointing. Lets not even discuss the unknown ingredients and preservatives used!

A coffee shop called Lokal in the Kitsilano area of Vancouver, however, solved my problem. I discovered that all I really need is a little sweet treat to tie me over and that’s exactly what they gave me with my coffee. AND, it was complimentary. They served my coffee on a saucer with a little chocolate treat beside my cup. It reminded me of the coffee shops in Europe where almost all of them served coffee with a mini cookie or biscotti.  On that particular day, this chocolate was enough and took away my craving for the calorie dense cookies and muffins. 

Don't get me wrong! I occasionally indulge, especially in coffee shops such as JJ Bean which offer goodies that taste yummy and are made in house , I believe. I have enjoyed the baked goods at Lokal on other occasions as well. Most of the time, though, all I really need is a little something to go with my hot beverage and Lokal is the only coffee shop I know of who does this.  I would like to discover more coffee shops who adopt this European style. Please share below if you know of any!