I have met very few people who enjoy doing squats and I am one of those people. After speaking with personal trainers and surfing the net, I have discovered that squats have many benefits including promoting mobility, balance and muscle strength and if done correctly improve the health of your knees.

As we age, it is important to keep our body strong-  muscles, ligaments and connective tissues, so as to prevent injuries. This exercise is a functional one as it gives us the power to complete real life activities such as sitting down and getting up out of a chair or a toilet and bending down to pick up something. It is an exercise that does not require an expensive gym membership and can be done anywhere including the comfort of your own home, Bonus!

Unfortunately, people shy away from this exercise because they see it as extremely difficult. Does this image come to your mind? Driving by a grass field and watching with horror as a line up of young beautiful girls with grass hockey outfits squat all the way down to the grass? Over and over again!! Well, it does not have to be that way to reap the benefits. As with any exercise, squats can be modified to what is comfortable for you. I, by the way, always choose the modified version of an exercise. Standing in front of a chair and merely sitting down and getting up from a chair, with the proper form, suits me just fine.

I challenge you to do your own research and give your body the gift of squats 2-3 times a week!