The Scoop on a Favourite Shop


         One of my favourite stores to go to is, The Latest Scoop. They started as a pop-up shop in Vancouver in 2004, and now have three permanent locations in Vancouver, one in West Vancouver and a newly opened shop in Toronto. There are plans for a second location in Toronto as well as thoughts for expansion into the US. The Vancouver shops are in Kitsilano, South Granville and Gastown. (My personal favourite is Kitsilano.)

They describe themselves as ‘a lifestyle concept store with pretty things for you and your home.’ Their product is inspirational, beautiful and affordable as well as fun, functional and seasonal.

While their shoppers are mainly in the 25 – 45 age bracket, their diverse product attracts a diverse demographic creating a beautiful mix of ages. One of the things I love the most about going there is you often see mothers shopping with their adult daughters. 

Their weekly new arrivals keep their inventory fresh and some items come in limited quantities, so if you are lucky enough to get one you feel like it’s something a bit unique. I have bought sweaters, pants, dresses, purses and jewelry and I rarely leave the store without a purchase.

My only complaint - I saw an instagram post for a lovely monogramed wallet. When I went to the store later that day I was told it wasn’t in stock. Keeping your social media current is a must. There are only so many times I’ll tolerate a wasted ‘special trip’ before I stop shopping somewhere altogether! For now though, I still look forward to my visits to this ‘made in Vancouver’ store.

My latest favourite purchase: The Fuzzy Lurex Sweater – a short sleeve ‘fuzzy’ pink sweater with the tiniest bit of sparkle to it. It can be worn to work or to a party – and who doesn’t love a bit of sparkle!