Bras, Bralettes and Bustiers, Oh My!

Attention all ladies! Never underestimate the power of a properly fitted bra. For those who are large busted, it improves your posture and reduces back pain. For ALL ladies, the right bra is comfortable and painless, boosts your self esteem and enhances how your clothes fit. If you are looking for something pretty with lace, skimpy and sexy, then knock yourself out at Victoria Secret. They have numerous locations throughout Greater Vancouver and their selection is awesome. However, I have found that most of the bras sold there are not flattering when worn under clothes. They are perfect though for home and even the beach on a hot summer day! And, if we lived in Seinfeld world, we could wear them proudly as part of an outfit.

If you would like to significantly improve your appearance in clothing, invest in a quality bra. Diane's Lingerie located on South Granville has a good selection of high quality bras and most importantly they have friendly, helpful and knowledgable staff who are trained to do proper bra fittings. For those who grew up in Vancouver, the staff at Diane's remind me of the caring ladies who worked at The Bay downtown lingerie department many years ago. They were eager to help and trained to properly fit you and match you with a bra that was flattering, slimming and suited your needs. Unfortunately, this is now not the case. Even though The Bay has the best selection of bras in the city and you cannot beat their prices, especially on Bay Days, I just do not like shopping for bras  there anymore. The staff lacks training and product knowledge and their disinterest in helping me look the best I can be is disappointing.

Although the products at Diane's are on the pricey side, they are totally worth it and last a long time. One of my favourite purchases from there was made about three years ago - a full coverage bra by Empreinte Lingerie, a brand I have not found elsewhere. I have worn this bra SO MANY times and it is still LIKE NEW! So, ladies, celebrate and accentuate your unique body by giving yourself the gift of the right bra. Visit Diane's Lingerie on South Granville. You will not be disappointed!