2 Transit Proposals.

Decisions made by the City of Vancouver are questionable and this includes the ones made in our transit program. I propose 2 simple changes that I believe, if implemented will make Vancouver transit "great again" .

1. Zero fare for youth, seniors and those individuals with disabilities


According to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, all citizens have the right to move freely within its boundaries. The BC Bus Pass Program presently favours only those individuals who have disabilities. They receive a bus pass as part of their disability assistance. Others, like seniors, have to fork out for one. Why should they? I feel that seniors have paid their dues and deserve a break. Perhaps some cannot afford to buy a bus pass. Why should they be denied the freedom of exploring the city, going to visit family and friends or shopping at a mall? And lets face it, most seniors DO NOT get around on a bike, therefore, the bike lanes for them are totally useless. Alot of them may have lost their drivers licenses because of their age and health issues. Does that mean that they should be confined to their home?! With regards to youth, all parents want their children to arrive home safely. I have witnessed bus drivers in Vancouver who close the doors on youth who do not have their student card or money to pay fare. That is OUTRAGEOUS! 

2. For everyone else, reduce fare to a one time price for the day- a TOONIE! 


More people will use transit because it is affordable and reasonable! The results? Less congestion on the roads and an improvement in our environment- GO GREEN VANCOUVER! Most importantly, this fare change will improve the health of Vancouver's citizens. People walking around and hopping off and on transit as they go about their day. What a beautiful sight! 

That's my 2 cents worth for Transit. Or is that all it's worth? What do you think?