Tulip Mania

  Tulip time is almost here! I get very excited about this - tulips are my favourite flower. A true symbol that Spring has arrived!

Tulips look so humble and yet their history is anything but simple. If you go way back in time to the 1600's, you will learn all about ‘Tulip Mania’. This is the time in the Netherlands when tulips were so expensive and valuable they were worth more than ten times the average working man’s salary. This made them more valuable than homes!

Also interesting is the fact tulips continue to grow up to an inch after they have been cut and put in a vase - and have you ever noticed how they twist and bend towards the light?

If you are a Tulip fan you don’t want to miss out on the popular Abbotsford Tulip Festival. This year it opens on April 15th. To get all the details, check out their website.

  The tulip season is a short season, so make the most of it and enjoy them while you can.

 Fun facts about tulips:

- The Netherlands is the world’s largest producer of tulips. They export 3 billion a year.

- The tulip is the national flower of Turkey and the Netherlands.

 - The tulip is the flower for the 11th wedding anniversary.

 - The tulip is the symbol for the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation.

 - Tulips are part of the lily family.

 - Tulips come in a multitude of colours - blue being the exception.

 - In the language of flowers, different coloured tulips mean different things: Red-true love; White-forgiveness; Pink-caring; Puple-royalty; Yellow-friendship; Orange-enthusiasm.