Continuing the Teahouse Search!

Adonia Tea House is located in the Kerrisdale area of Vancouver. They describe themselves as, “ …an inviting, beautiful teahouse that mixes comfortable antique furniture, exquisite fine bone china and classic architectural features to create an enchanting, elegant oasis of calm. “

Décor:  First impressions upon our arrival were of a cozy room filled with old-world charm. We were seated at a table for two in a little nook by the window that gave us plenty of natural light.

Service: The service was interesting. We had a server new to the job who really went out of her way to try and accommodate our special dietary requirements and she was very attentive to keeping our teapots filled with hot water throughout our time there. However, there did seem to be some type of breakdown of communication between the front of house staff and the kitchen staff, which left an overall impression that the service wasn’t great.

 Food:  We decided to order the ‘Mini High Tea’, and by the time we were done we were glad we hadn’t ordered the regular size! Not because there was an abundance of food, but because of the actual food we were served! First of all, Abby and I both received something on our plates that we had specifically said we could not have. At the time of ordering we were told of the alternative that we would be given – and yet neither of us had that alternative. When we mentioned that, there seemed to be total confusion and in the end Abby and I just switched our little sandwiches with each other to make our lunch work. 

We experienced something here that we haven’t experienced at any other teahouse. We were given different dessert treats (and this had nothing to do with allergies). It was very strange and when we inquired about this, we were told they always give diners at the same table different desserts so they have more to try (????).  The desserts were tiny – two bites! Not a sharing size at all. And really, when you’re in a teahouse setting splitting your food up is not really the dining experience you want. To top it all off the food was very disappointing. Some things I didn’t eat past a small tasting bite. The one thing that was nice was the scone; otherwise I would give all the other mini high tea foods a miss.

 Tea: Abby and I ordered the same tea (Darjeeling). Even though we ordered the same tea, we were each brought our own pots. The teapots were clear glass and came on individual candle lit warmers. A really nice touch!

 Allergy Sensitivity: The High Tea can be ordered as a vegetarian option, but other than that I didn’t see (or hear) anything that made me feel steps would be taken to accommodate any special needs. In fact, as I mentioned before, while the waitress did her best to help us, the kitchen appeared to totally ignore our requests.

The Bottom Line: On the positive side, the décor does make you feel like you are in an old English tearoom and the way the tea was served was special. On the negative side, the communication between employees was lacking, there didn’t appear to be consideration granted for specific dietary requirements and for the most part, the food we did receive was not very good at all. 

If we were to go back, it would be for tea and scones, but nothing else. Have you been to Adonia? If you have we’d love to know your impressions. Have you had any good or bad teahouse experiences elsewhere? Please share with us. 

We look forward to reading your comments in the section below.