Five Reasons Why Carnations Should be Your Go-To Flower


Why-oh-why, do people not like carnations?

Once a prized favourite among elite society, the Carnation has well and truly fallen out of favour.  After being popular for centuries, the carnation somehow gained a reputation for being old-fashioned, common and unrefined. I know my own memories growing up are of red, white or pink bunches of blooms, wrapped in a skimpy piece of cellophane being sold at the local corner store or gas station. But let me tell you – that is not the Carnation of today!

So throw away all your preconceived notions that this is a cheap, boring bloom and sit back and relax while I give you five reasons why the Carnation should now become your go-to flower.

 1 – The carnation is no longer a pedestrian flower. Growers are cultivating and producing new varieties that are real show-stoppers! The new editions come in a wide spectrum of colours and hues that are vibrant and trendy.

2 – With their pretty petal formation, carnations are soft and feminine and they have a fragrance that is spicy and sweet, yet oh-so subtle.

3 – With all the ruffled petals the carnation looks dainty, but it is reliable, tough and long lasting. In fact it has one of the longest vase lives of any flower on the market.

 4 – Carnations are affordable, and affordable is never a bad thing! They are also available all year round.

 5 – The carnation is filled with symbolism. The symbolism is quite extensive as different colours symbolize different emotions, but overall the carnation stands for devotion. They are also the birth flower for the month of January, the flower for first anniversaries and the national flower for Monaco, Slovenia and Spain. So many opportunities to incorporate carnations into a personalized gift or to celebrate an occasion.

 I hope this helps you look at carnations differently and the next time you are out and about, you will hop into a flower shop, check out these amazing beauties and treat yourself or someone else to a big, beautiful bunch!!