Quick Tip for your Hair!

Dry shampoo - a game changer! Cuts way down on the number of times in a week you need to wash your hair. Just spritz the dry shampoo in, comb it through and ‘Voila’! Same result as if you’d just washed, conditioned and blow-dried your hair. It saves so much time!

Added bonus - over time, as your hair gets use to this new routine, it ends up looking thicker and healthier. 

 Two brands I have tried and my quick reviews: Lush ‘No Drought’: The product works well but is a nightmare to apply. You sprinkle it from a container and in my experience it makes a huge mess. Bastile Dry Shampoo: Love everything about this product. You spray it in so the product goes exactly where you want it and it comes in shades tinted to suit your hair colour.

 If you have any suggestions let us know, we’d be happy to try them!