3 Places to Donate After Spring Cleaning

Recently I was doing a big clean-out of my home - clothing, books, household items - I was going through everything! I had a huge pile of belongings, still in excellent condition, that I no longer had use for. My plan was to donate them. It would be quick and simple, while at the same time helping out a good cause. However, what I found was, many donation collection places have restrictive hours of when they are open, a limited list of what types of items they will accept and some places just stop accepting donations because they don’t have room to store them. This inspired me to research places that make dropping off donations a quick and easy process. My top three collect donations seven days a week, with a minimum seven hours a day. While there are a few items each place won’t accept, they all take a wide variety of items.

1) Wildlife Thrift Store : Family owned and operated for over 20 years, Wildlife Thrift Store, supports Coast Mental Health, The Gathering Place, Positive Living BC, Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter. They accept all clothes, furniture, books and housewares that are clean and in good condition. They do not accept mattresses, box springs, printers and baby equipment.

Open for delivery: Daily 10:00 - 8:00

Original location: 1295 Granville Street, Vancouver V6Z 1M5 604-682-0381 (easy drive by drop off on Drake Street); New location: 1510 West 70th Avenue, Vancouver V6P 5A2 604-267-1102

2) Aunt Leah’s Urban Thrift : Aunt Leah’s Urban Thrift prevents children in foster care from becoming homeless and mothers in need from losing custody of their children. This social enterprise collects donations to support individuals or to sell at our store to create revenue for our programs. They accept small apartment sized furniture, home decor, accessories, jewelry and clothing. They do not accept large furniture, beds or bedding, electronics, kitchenware, children’s clothing, bathroom accessories and toiletries.

Open for delivery: Daily 11:00 - 6:00

117 East Broadway, Vancouver V5T 1W1 604-709-3254

3) Salvation Army (Kitsilano) : The Salvation Army supports programs, services and emergency relief efforts that nurture the capabilities, skills and strengths of neighbours and friends. They accept clothing, textiles, housewares, furniture electronics, toys, media, books, accessories, antiques and collectibles. They do not accept pillow.

1906 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver V6M 1M5 604-737-2444

If you know of any other places that are easy to donate too, we’d love to add them to our list. Please leave the information in the comment section below. Thank you.