Beautiful Brows

My eyebrows are slowly starting to grey!! Aaahhh!!! Filling in my eyebrows everyday with product is not my cup of tea and I have no interest in microblading  as fortunately I still have a full set of brows that I can work with. A quick and affordable solution that I have discovered and am very happy with is eyebrow tinting. Although there are probably at home kits, I prefer to go to a salon. They use a vegetable based dye that matches your natural color and the staying power is usually up to four weeks. Avoid exfoliating the eyebrow area and it can last longer. The results? A more youthful look, excellent  grey coverage and defined and enhanced brows. 

I have tried numerous salons throughout Vancouver but my most favourite and highly recommended is Bombay Brow Bar - Kitsilano . This is why:

1. I . am greeted warmly when I enter the salon

2. I am offered water or a cup of their delicious chai tea

3. The technicians are caring and patient. My greys, which are very stubborn, sometimes require longer time and the ladies are happy to continue applying till they are fully covered. At other salons, they are quick to get you off the chair.

4. The service ends with a unique eyebrow/temple/forehead massage with aloe or rose oil. Very relaxing!

5. The staying power of their dye seems longer than other salons.  

6. They are very careful not to get dye outside eyebrow area.

7. I always receive a follow-up survey by email.