Where are the Buckwheat Pancakes?

Are you one of those individuals who was addicted, for over 20 years, to Cafe Zen's buckwheat pancakes? Did you venture out to the Kitsilano area on a regular basis to indulge? Have you gone there in the past year and discovered that they no longer serve buckwheat pancakes because their "supplier stopped producing it so they no longer have it on their menu"?  Buckwheat flour is sold everywhere! What a disappointment! Please bring it back Cafe Zen! That is one of the items you were well known for!

I have yet to discover another restaurant in Vancouver that serves buckwheat pancakes. I have come across buckwheat crepes and waffles but they just do not do it for me.  

Buckwheat flour is made from the nutrient and antioxidant packed, gluten free, fruit seed that contains a highly digestible protein. My research revealed that this ancient "grain" originated in Asia and has been used in cooking for thousands of years. Compared to other grains, it has many health benefits including cholesterol lowering effects and an improvement in digestion as it is very high in fiber. 

Pancakes made with buckwheat flour are delicious, gluten free, lighter tasting than wheat pancakes and have a rich "nutty" flavour. They are especially decadent when smothered in maple syrup! There are many easy recipes to follow online and so I have resorted to making them at home whenever I have the urge.  

But, I do have a question for the many vegan, healthy, gluten free etc...restaurants in Vancouver......given the health benefits of buckwheat....Where are the buckwheat pancakes?!