The Flower for May

There is only one flower that truly represents the month of May - the sweetly scented lily of the valley. These small, white, bell-shaped blossoms make it a favourite for brides - especially since they are said to bring ‘luck in love’. But while the majority of flower varieties can now be found year round, that can’t be said for these delicate beauties. They only bloom in the month of May, so plan your wedding for then if you want them in your bouquet.

If the fragrance of lily of the valley, is something you just can’t do without, no matter what time of year it is, you’re in luck! Many perfumes use this scent. Two to try: ‘Diorissimo’, by Dior and ‘Lily of the Valley’, by Penhaligon.

Fun Facts about Lily of the Valley:

  • Birth flower for the month of May

  • National flower for Finland

  • Lily of the valley is not a lily but part of the asparagus family

  • In the language of flowers their meaning is: Return to happiness.