A Beauty of a Book Store

Abby and I love to read and we also love to support and promote local, neighbourhood, independent businesses. So today’s post is all about a book store on 41st Avenue in Kerrisdale, that has been around for 45 years! 

 Hager Books – established in 1974. It’s amazing the selection of books this cozy shop has on their well organized shelves! Everything from fiction, biography and travel to art, cookery and gardening. There are many speciality books, as well as a wonderful children’s section.

 The staff at Hager’s are knowledgeable, well-read and willing to help you in any way they can, including giving you book suggestions for yourself, a friend or your book club.

 The shelves hold the latest releases as well as books selected especially for their loyal customer base, but if you can’t find what you are looking for they can order pretty well anything that is still in print. They have done that for me many times!

 The icing on the cake is Hager’s has a rewards system! Buy your books, collect points and then redeem them for a later purchase.

 Unfortunately there are not many independent book stores left, but if you know of one in your neighbourhood please give them a shout-out in our comment section and let’s promote them as well. Thank you.