Vancouver Eats ..... Outside!

It’s a beautiful, sunny Spring day in Vancouver and Im running errands on my day off. Not my favourite choice! However, during my “running around”, I stumbled upon a lovely surprise! An outdoor plaza with tables and seats at Main St and 14th ave. There, I enjoyed a coffee from JJ Bean (which is right next to the plaza, as is Starbucks) and a snack I had packed for my “errand day”. Relaxing and people watching under the sun- what a great way to take a break from life’s responsibilities.

It was such a breath of fresh air when I discovered that this plaza is a product of our tax dollars. Viva Vancouver is a City of Vancouver program “that transforms road spaces into vibrant people spaces...these spaces enhance the city’s sense of community, encourage walking and cycling and benefit local businesses.” For a list of other plazas, you can visit their website:

The City of Vancouver is only 133 years old and it is good to see that the people at City Hall are looking to those older and wiser for direction. There are so many charming plazas and squares in the cities and towns of Europe. They sure know what they are doing over there! A plaza is a public space that offers opportunity to sit, relax, people watch, play outdoor chess, read, connect with friends and make new ones. Everyone is welcome and it promotes healthier communities where its residents feel connected and less isolated. I sincerely hope that the Viva Vancouver program continues to thrive and many more plazas are created.

If you are looking for another great outdoor public square, with a gorgeous view—- to hang out, meet someone new or perhaps have a yummy house made Italian gelato (, then visit another gem in Vancouver- the Olympic Village Plaza. Maybe I’ll see you there!