To Vancouver Food Industry and Restaurants...DO NOT THROW AWAY FOOD!

According to my research on the internet, it is estimated that Canada wastes 31 billion dollars worth of food a year. Firstly, food in landfills produce a gas that has a negative impact on the environment. Secondly, why throw nutritious food in the garbage when you can give it to people who are in need? I have friends in the restaurant and hotel industry who state it is painful to watch how much food is thrown out every night. 

I feel it is the social responsibility of all Restaurants/hotel/food wholesalers/farms etc... to take action. Kudos to those businesses who already donate, but for all others I ask you to consider this

1. Be generous to your employees and they in return will stay longer, work harder and be happier. Servers and other restaurant/hotel etc.. employees do not make that much money and the cost of living in Vancouver and everywhere has gone way up. Allow employees to take leftovers home. 

2. Search for shelters, soup kitchens, churches and other social service agencies near your business. Educate yourself with the government rules and regulations of food donations and connect directly with these organizations to begin donating. 

3. Connect with the Greater Vancouver Food Bank. They rescue "safe, quality food from businesses such as restaurants, hotels, food wholesalers etc... and distribute to individuals and agencies" They ensure safety and health standards by working with Vancouver Coastal Health Authority and BC Centre for Disease Control. Also, the BC Food Donor Encouragement Act protects donors from liability as they act in good faith to donate surplus food. For more information, please go to their website