Pretty, Pretty Peonies!

It’s Peony time! Peonies have captured the hearts of so many of us. Their big full blooms saturated in colours of pink, coral and burgundy are elegant, romantic and graceful. 

 Symbolizing good fortune and a happy marriage, peonies make a great addition to a bridal bouquet. Perhaps surprising to hear, but Alaska is the only place in the world that supplies fresh-cut commercial peonies during the wedding season from July to early September. Alaska’s long cool growing season provides optimum growing conditions for these hardy plants that thrive in the cold soil.

 Peony plants are also found in many home gardens. They take two years to establish themselves, but after that they will bloom reliably for years to come – in fact the plants can live to be 100 years old!

Fun Facts about Peonies:

-      Floral symbol for China

-      State flower of Indiana

-      12th wedding anniversary flower