It's Time to Walk, Vancouver!

‘Being beautiful’ stems from how we feel about ourselves.  An activity that’s easy to incorporate into our lives and makes us feel good is walking. Going for a daily walk is a healthy habit that will lift your mood, put a spring in your step, decrease your stress and help you sleep better.

I walk every single day and one of my favourite places to go for a walk is the Arbutus Greenway. The Arbutus Greenway is a 9km long former railway corridor that has been converted into a path for walkers and cyclists. Locals use the path as part of their daily routine to get to and from work, run errands and for exercise, but it’s also a great destination for a days outing.  I’m going to ‘walk’ you through the Greenway from end to end.

The designated starting point of the Greenway is 6th Avenue and Fir Street. Just a short walk from Granville Island, I suggest you actually start your day at Granville Island. Grab coffee and a bagel and head outside to enjoy breakfast on the dock. Once you’re done, have a wander around the market and pick up some fresh fruit to have as a snack along the way – but be careful, don’t buy too much as you’ll be carrying all your purchases! 

When you’re done at Granville Island make your way to 6th and Fir, and hop on the Greenway. You’ll notice the path is divided for walkers and cyclists so make sure you use the correct side of the path! This part of the path runs through Kitsilano. You’ll pass through a fantastic area of community gardens that gives you a real sense of the neighbourhood. 

Keep on walking and not long after you pass King Edward Avenue, you will come to Quilchena Park. This is a great place to stop for a break and enjoy some of the fresh fruit you bought at Granville Island. After your break continue along the path. At this point you will be on an incline (the only hill on the whole path). It’s not too steep, but it’s nice to stop half way up because you’ll be rewarded with stunning views of the North Shore Mountains and the ocean. 

After you round the curve and walk for a few more minutes you will come to 41st Avenue. You have now reached Kerrisdale. 41st Avenue has lots of shops and places to eat so why not make a detour and go explore for a bit.

Once back on the path, something to keep an eye out for between 41st and 49th avenues is what looks like a file cabinet lying on it’s side, elevated in a little wooden hut. Check it out and see what it actually is!  

Once you’ve crossed 49th Avenue you come to another lovely stretch with wild flowers growing along the path’s edge, more community gardens and another area with a few shops (at 57th Avenue).

Keep on going. You will cross SW Marine Drive and now you are in the home stretch! When you get to the end of the path, I think it’s time for a bit of a treat. Continue on walking a short distance and you will come to Milltown Bar and Grill, an excellent place to rest and quench your thirst! 

Now there’s only one thing left to do – walk back!!!! Be beautiful Vancouver!