It's all About Customer Service!


We always hear that small businesses are struggling to stay afloat. At Abby & Ruby, we love to support small, local, independent businesses – but  small business owners, listen up! We do expect something in return. Good customer service! 

First, greet us as we walk in the door. A simple ‘hello’ is sufficient. Just something to let us know we’ve been noticed. Second, if we’ve been browsing for a few minutes, check in and ask if we need any help. Let us know we’re worth your time. And third, if we decide not to buy anything, still acknowledge us as we leave the store. We’ll know that we were welcome and will come back. 

Recently we had the opposite experience. We entered a shop and slowly wandered around looking at all the products on display. We would have made a purchase (several in fact), but were completely ignored by the three employees working there. And so we continued wandering - right out the door.

It’s as simple as that.