Vancouver’s Honey Shoppe!


Have you ever wandered into a shop and thought, ‘How have I never heard about this place before?’  That’s how I felt when I entered the ‘Main Street Honey Shoppe’. What a fabulous local, independent business. 

If you love honey or are at all interested in the health benefits of honey and natural honeybee products, you must visit this shop. 

There’s just so much to tell you about, but for now I’ll touch on the highlights.

Main Street Honey Shoppe, is located on Main Street and King Edward Avenue, right in the heart of this vibrant Vancouver neighbourhood. As soon as you walk in the store the smell of honey and beeswax puts a smile on your face. The environment is comfortable and the staff are warm and welcoming.

Main Street Honey Shoppe, is a mecca for ‘all things honey’. They offer local varieties of honey, including a 100% urban Vancouver honey (I purchased the ‘Kitsilano’ variety), as well as exotic honey from places like Africa, Europe or New Zealand, a selection of body care and healing ointments, candles, tea, coffee and ‘honey’ related gifts. They have honey tasting and the staff are always willing to share their knowledge and educate the customers on their products. To top it all off they have an in-shop cafe so you can sit, take a break and absorb the atmosphere.

This is just a taste of what this wonderful shop offers. Their website is very informative so check it out and then pop on down to the store to support this fantastic local business. Perhaps I’ll see you there!