An Obsession with this Sweet Place!

I have a guilty pleasure - a guilty pleasure that has somehow become a way of life for me! I eat cake for breakfast! Not just once in a while, but a lot!!! I love cake and I’m going to spill-the-tea on my favourite place in Vancouver to get it!

 Sweet Obsessions ! Sweet Obsessions is located on 16th Avenue and Trafalgar Street. It’s a café with indoor and outdoor seating that offers an assortment of baked goods and seasonal soups, salads and sandwiches. But the big draw to Sweet Obsessions is their cakes!!!

 First lets talk the facts:

-      Only quality ingredients are used - real butter, real whipped cream, pure Belgium chocolate. 

-      Nothing artificial is used - no fillers, stabilizers or preservatives.

-      There are gluten free options. 

-      You can buy whole cakes or by the slice.

 Clearly you’re getting a quality product when you purchase a cake from Sweet Obsessions. The tricky part is choosing which cake to get.  I would tell you my favourtie one – but it’s just too hard to narrow it down. So here are my top three favourites (at least at this moment):

1 – Neopolitan Cake: Layers of chocolate cake, vanilla butter cream, whole raspberries and raspberry coulis.

2 – Chocolate Obsession: Rich dense chocolate truffle in a triangle. (Gluten free).

3 – Toffee Cake: Layers of moist toffee infused cake smothered in toffee sauce. Served warm.

 All three of these are absolutely delicious – which is why they are my favourites. But then of course there is also the Roasted Coconut Chiffon Cake, and the Bittersweet Chocolate Butter Cream, and the Peanut Butter Chocolate Mousse Cake………

 Perhaps just go to Sweet Obsessions and try them all! Let us know which is your favourite!