Granville Island Trap

I have lived in Vancouver all my life and when I think of Granville Island, many fond memories pop up, including... 

1. Tasting Lee's Donuts for the first time. Delicious! In my opinion, the best donuts in Vancouver.  

2. Catching a street show and watching my toddlers dancing to the music of our local talent. 

3. Going to matinees at the Granville Island Arts Club, with dinner to follow on the best patio in Vancouver.    Bridges Restaurant.     My favourites on their menu-  West coast Chowder and Wild Salmon Salad

4. Suntanning with my friends and watching our kids go bananas at the water park - two slides and multiple sprays and fountains. Awesome! 

5. Dressing up my daughter as Dorothy and going to the Wizard of Oz production at the Carousel Theatre.  

6. Entering (many times) the magical, fantasy world of Dragonspace- a retail store filled with mysterious treasures- unique jewelry, gift ware, books, greeting cards and so much more.

Frankly, I could go on and on. Granville Island truly is a gem, however, some events have left me with a sour taste and I feel I have to share: 

1. Starting June 1st, all free parking has been eliminated during peak hours 11am-6pm. There will be hourly parking fees and it is not cheap. Isn't it enough that the prices of local fresh produce, seafood etc... have been inflated? We now have to fork out for parking too?

2. I recently purchased fresh tenderloin steaks from the public market and I nearly toppled over when she voiced the amount owed- 40% more than Safeway! What a tourist trap! And WHY? Its not like tourists will purchase steaks for a memento! And, honestly, the Safeway steaks taste better. 

3. The perfect tower of red strawberries at Granville Island Market are always a temptation. Beware of pushy vendors! When you take the strawberries home, there might only be lemons at the bottom! It happened to me! 

Perhaps I am being too harsh. This parking enforcement could be a solution to Granville Island nightmare parking and it could alleviate the traffic and make it safer for all of us. AND, I am completely ignorant as to what high end butchers do with their meats...The way they hang them? Rear them? I don't know. And finally, the strawberries that day could have been a bad batch. Usually the vendors are extremely friendly, helpful and proud of their product, much like the local artistic talent at the market.  

So, as I finish blogging and taking my last gulp of a perfect cup of coffee (made with locally roasted beans) at Off the Tracks, a quaint espresso bar and bistro in Granville Island, I have a confession to make----YES, I'm caught in a trap and I can't walk out because I love you too much Granville Island! Grabbing one of their delicious blueberry lemon scones to go, I'm off to buy my friend a birthday gift- the best indoor broom ever! - the Shaker Flat Broom, from the Granville Island Broom Company.