A Good Hair Day

Looking for a new hair salon in Vancouver? Here are SEVEN reasons why I recommend Eliane's Point Grey.                

1. Easy to schedule an appointment - They always answer the phone and there is always a friendly staff at the front desk to help you if you drop in. 

2. This salon has a modern decor and is always very clean - I have never seen hair where it shouldn't be, for example, below my chair, stuck to the bottom of a hairspray bottle or on combs and brushes. That's a turn off for me. Also, the washroom is spotless.

3. Eliane's atmosphere is very relaxing - I love the variety of the music played in the salon and its at the perfect volume. The noise level and lighting is also just right especially for someone sensitive like me who gets headaches and stressed out from the hustle and bustle and loud conversations.  As soon as I sit down, I am offered a hot tea (on occasion a treat to go with it ), a moist towel and a bottle of hand lotion to use for my entire visit. The tea is also replenished as often as I like. Hair services include wonderful perks like hand massages, neck and scalp massages and always the much anticipated, skillful massage during the shampooing and conditioning. I give this salon an A+ for relaxation. 

4. Customer has an option to choose between junior and senior hair stylists, each with different price points. I have had both and was always satisfied with the results, their professionalism, and good listening skills.  

5. Hours of operation are convenient.-  Also, I have shown up so many times at nine in the morning (when they open) to purchase products or for service and they ALWAYS open on time. Reliable and professional! Unfortunately, I can't say the same about other salons! 

6. Love the products they use and sell -  La Biosthetique . It is a seventy year old European company that uses "natural, raw ingredients derived from the gentlest of treatment resources while being formulated by our leading team of biochemical professionals who continuously seek advanced cosmetic technologies." The hair color covers my extremely stubborn greys very well. I highly recommend the aerosol hairspray- Formule Laque- It provides a strong yet flexible hold that is long lasting, volumizing and has a very pleasant smell. It does not cause flakiness either. Eliane's staff are very knowledgable about this line, and I was told by one stylist that deciding to use these products was a team decision and I like that! Athough La Biosthetique is a little pricey, I hope to slowly try out their many other products including their SPA collection, which is also sold at this salon. 

7. Their website is informative and easy to navigate. 

I hope these reasons will entice you to give the wonderful staff at Eliane's a chance to impress you and help you Be Beautiful!