The Cheerleader of Spring!

Hydrangeas - big, showy, lavish! There is nothing shy about them. They’re like pom-poms cheering that spring has arrived! Beautiful as they are, these blooms are full of controversy - in their likability (it seems everybody either loves them or hates them) and in their symbolism.  Hydrangeas can mean ‘thank you for understanding’ or ‘boastful and vanity’. Very conflicting!

Hydrangeas are perfect for large scale arrangements. They create spectacular displays either en masse or mixed with other seasonal blooms. As a bonus they dry beautifully so you can continue to enjoy them as an autumnal table centrepiece.

Fun facts about hydrangeas:

  • Come in shades of blue, purple, pink and white.

  • They have their own club in the US.

  • Hydrangea day is January 5th.

  • 4th wedding anniversary flower.