Walk for You and Others

Brisk walking is my favourite form of exercise and I try and do it five times a week. Why? In addition to the many health benefits of all types of exercising, walking gives me the opportunity for alone time to focus on my mental health. Depending on my mood, I use this time to either reflect on the day and problem solve or escape from my life and de-stress. I am not a big fan of yoga, chanting, visualization or writing lists of gratitude. Walking is what works for me. It is MY tool for mindfulness and meditation as I focus solely on my breathing, my movement and observing and listening to nature. Whether I solve the world's problems or take brisk steps towards healing my mental health, I always feel invigorated and healthy after my walk. What I also found out recently is that all forms of exercise promote healthy circulation and this in turn helps our complexions stay fresh and radiant. Cheap Facial! BONUS! 

Although my preference is to walk alone, I also enjoy walking with family and friends. It is an opportunity to connect, share, laugh and explore our beautiful city together. Taking part in charity events as a group is also a great way to get fit, motivate each other and spread kindness and goodwill at the same time. On June 1st, I joined some family and friends in a five kilometre walk to raise money for Arthritis- Canada's leading chronic health condition that affects the young and the old (one in five people have this disease). The walk began at Olympic Village and it was a gorgeous, sunny Vancouver day- a perfect day to raise money for a worthy cause and exercise and have fun in the process! This year was the tenth anniversary of the annual walk and it was a huge success. Please check out their website for further Information                 Walktofightarthritis.ca

I am very proud that I was able to participate and possibly change the future of those suffering, including some of my family members and others dear to me. One of the guest speakers at this event shared aspects of her life and everyday challenges. Her story was extremely inspiring to me. If she and others who have this disease can walk, then so can I. 

I challenge all of you to put the dirty dishes down, shut down your phone and computer, turn off the TV and put on your walking shoes! No headphones and earbuds please!