Best Pizza in Vancouver........

There are sooooo many choices for pizza out there! How do you know where to go? The best thing to do – just get out there and try them. Let me tell you about a place in Kerrisdale called Bufala

Bufala (located at 5395 W. Boulevard), is an independent restaurant - and you know how we like to support local, independent businesses! So right off the bat I knew I wanted to try it – that and the fact that often when I walk by it’s packed with customers!! 

The first thing you’ll notice about Bufala is it’s bright, open room with lots of natural light. There are two long communal tables down the center of the restaurant and booths along the edge. You will also be quick to note that the pizzas are being prepared and baked right in plain sight. Nothing to hide here!!

While the menu includes salads, small plates and desserts, their main draw is their Napolitana style pizza. If you’re not familiar with this, Napolitana style originated in Naples and focuses on simple fresh ingredients. Traditionally the pizza would be made from a basic dough, raw tomatoes, fresh motzerella, fresh basil and olive oil. There would be no toppings! Bufala takes this basic concept of making the pizza from scratch and using fresh ingredients, but makes it contemporary with their addition of toppings.

The pizza comes in one size and is crisp around the edge with a softer centre. It’s cooked for 3 minutes in a 575 degree oven, then brought directly to your table. You can’t get fresher than that!

Most people have their ‘favourite’ style of pizza, whether it’s thin and crispy or deep-dish style, but whatever your favourite, it’s definitely worth a trip to Bufala to give their pizza a try. Who knows, it may become your new favourite!