Vancouver Book Shops

Looking for a summer read?

Addicted to reading like we are?

Enjoy going to cozy bookstores?

Check out Book Warehouse on West Broadway. We love this bookstore cause…

  1. The price is right. Awesome discounts

  2. The displays are unique and don’t feature the usual found at Indigo’s (bestsellers, trendy, popular thrillers…). There is an element of surprise and you might discover something interesting you were not looking for. Serendipity (what a great word!)

  3. The staff are welcoming, friendly and very passionate about reading! They are more than happy to listen to your interests and provide recommendations. Check out their many staff picks which are displayed throughout the store and on their website. Also on their website they have a special section for teachers and recommendations for students of all ages.

We’re planning on visiting their Main Street location soon. Hope to see you there!

”A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, the man who never reads lives only one.” G.R.R. Martin