Another Place for Tea in Vancouver

Abby and I met for tea and a chat the other day. We tried a place called Little Attic’s Neverland. It’s so quaint! A lovely little gift shop with unique table and chairs where you can have tea (or siphon coffee) and a dessert.

We liked many things about Little Attic’s Neverland. Here are the top three:

1 - Little Attic’s Neverland is located right on the corner of Arbutus and 12th Avenue. This gives it two sides of windows so there is lots of natural light - and we love lots of natural light!

2 - The gift selection has been thoughtfully chosen. There’s stationary, jewelry, perfume and all sorts of small gift items. It’s the perfect place to go to get a hostess gift or a card for a special occasion.

3 - The service! After we had a look around we sat down for our tea (no treats today!). There were two different staff members during our time there and both were kind, attentive and made us feel very welcome.

While Little Attic’s Neverland is not the place to go if you are looking for a full high-tea service, but it is definitely worth going to for a little break in the middle of the day to relax and do a bit of shopping for a friend or even for yourself.

To note: Little Attic’s Neverland does not have a website but they are on Instagram @littleatticsneverland