My Kind of Lumber Store!

Kerrisdale Lumber. This lumber and building supply store on West Boulevard began in 1921. Family owned and operated, there’s been four generations working there to date.

I should point out that Kerrisdale Lumber is more than just a lumber and building supply store! In addition they have a large barbeque and outdoor living section.

But the reason I go to Kerrisdale Lumber is the lifestyle and home decor section!! I LOVE this section of the store. There’s everything from statement pieces, to kitchen utensils, to gift cards, to lovely bath products. And don’t even get me started about when it’s Christmas time! Their seasonal products are fantastic.

All the products are of good quality and the selection suits a variety of tastes and styles. It makes it so fun to shop there. You never know what you’re going to find when you turn the corner into a new aisle.

There is a change coming to Kerrisdale Lumber, though. Their current store will only be open until August of this year, and then they’re splitting into two locations. The lumber and building supply yard will move to 76th Avenue and Hudson, while the barbeque, hardware and lifestyle store is moving just down the street to 6300 West Boulevard. I’m so relieved that the part of the store I love to shop in will still be in the neighbourhood!