5 Safety Tips for Back-to-School Driving

Another summer is coming to a close and the kids are about to head back to school. Whether you have children in your car or not, if you’re driving it doesn’t hurt to be reminded of some safety rules.

1 - If a school bus has their lights flashing, you must stop. No matter what side of the road you are on you need to stop when the school bus lights start flashing. Do not start driving again until the lights stop, and even then keep an eye out for stragglers.

2 - Obey the school cross guards. When the guard (in their brightly covered vest) steps into the road, this is your signal to stop. Wait until all the children have crossed the street and the guard is back on the sidewalk before you start driving again.

3 - Obey all speed zones and remember to especially watch for the ‘School Zones’. These limits are posted for a reason and you must obey them.

4 - When you are driving in a school zone there is no passing. Have patience. The last thing you want to do is pass a car, only to find out the reason they’re stopped is because there’s a child in the road!

5 - Always be alert. Children can be unpredictable. Whether they stop to look at something on the road, run out into the street after a ball, or dash across the road to greet a friend - you need to be prepared. Keep all distractions away from you.

Let’s make sure all children get to and from school safely! Have a good year!