A Modern Day General Store

Main Street between Broadway and 25th Avenue, is one of our favourite go-to places for shopping in the city. You know how we love local, independent stores and this area is full of them. Right in the middle of this shopping district is Welk’s General Store, on the corner of Main and 19thAvenue.

 Welk’s is locally owned and operated (yay!), and is a mecca of quality goods for your everyday needs. Think old-fashioned General Store - a one-stop shop. 

 If you think you’re going to just ‘pop-in’ to Welk’s, think again! Once you’re in there you’ll get caught up in their treasure trove of goods. Their products cover a wide range – health and beauty, organic grocery, house wares, seasonal items, gifts, stationary, and hardware items. 

 When I was there last weekend I left the store with a candle, a children’s book, a new notebook, a mixing bowl and a hand cream. An eclectic group of things, but that’s the fun of shopping at Welk’s!

 Next time you need a get a gift or something for you or your home, go to Welk’s –  it’s a pretty good bet that you’ll find it there! 

 PS – If you can’t make it to the store, you can also buy online!