Vancouver Breaking Bread

The neighbourhood bakery is a staple in European everyday life. In the cities and towns in Europe I have visited, I observed locals picking up fresh bread and desserts everyday. I am so happy Vancouver is following suit and more and more neighbourhood bakeries are popping up. It is so important to me to eat foods with fresh, healthy, natural ingredients. I am not interested in store bought, faux breads with a long shelf life and the idea of subjecting my body to chemicals, GMOs, artificial flavours and colouring is scary and a total turn off. And Bread is not a food I ever want to be turned off of!

A bakery in the Mount Pleasant area I highly recommend is called Pure Bread, Their breads have no added sugar and no preservatives and my favourite is one of their regulars- Rustic Italian. Heavenly! They also have a large selection of delicious, mouth watering baked goods both sweet and savoury and these vary daily. Be ready to brave the overwhelming selection. You will always be surprised, enticed and never disappointed. Their sour cherry buckwheat scone is to die for!

Purebread is a family bakery which was established in Whistler and there are two other locations in Vancouver- Gastown and Kitsilano which I hope to visit very soon. Whether its for breakfast, lunch, afternoon coffee break or a quick stop to pick up fresh bread for your meals at home, it is a Vancouver spot not to miss!