Exploring New Places in Vancouver

Vancouver is a big, beautiful city. One of the great things about it is all the different little neighbourhods, each with their one uniqueness.

One area that is definitely worth exploring is UBC. This isn’t just a place for students and higher education. It’s amazing what they have to offer everyone – it just seems that a lot of Vancouverites don’t realize it.

 Today we’re going to spill-the-tea on one place – a restaurant called Sage. 

 Sage is unique for a few reasons. For one thing, the regular restaurant opening hours are only Monday to Friday 11:30-2:00. While that’s limiting, it really is worth making the effort to go in the middle of the day during the week. Sage’s newly renovated facilities were designed by the legend Canadian architect, Arthur Erikson. Yet another unique and special thing this restaurant. The views are breathtaking!!!! Large windows face north so you’re overlooking the ocean and the mountains. And during fine weather they open the outside seating area, which makes it just that much better.

 Sage offers a menu that is fresh, modern and West Coast. Whenever possible they use local, seasonal and organic ingredients. I’m sure you can imagine what the quality of food is like with those kinds of standards!

 While it seems like there’s not much opportunity to enjoy this restaurant with such short opening hours, that ‘s not actually the case. Sage is an events venue. You can host a meeting or private event there and it’s the perfect location for a wedding. Sage offers the whole wedding package – a place for the ceremony and reception in a truly West Coast setting.

 There are many, many things to explore at UBC, and we’ll be covering more of them in the upcoming weeks, so start a ‘must do’ list and put Sage right at the top!