Loving (and hating) Vancouver Bike Lanes

Prior to the bike lanes, I was an extremely cautious cyclist and biked solely on  the city’s sea walls or bike paths in parks. Vancouver’s new bike lanes and Arbutus Greenway have given me the freedom to explore Vancouver and run errands with my bicycle. Biking has become my favourite hobby and I feel healthier and stronger. I just love it!

However, I like many other Vancouverites, have some serious concerns and what is So Exasperating is that the City of Vancouver seems to have turned the other cheek.

  1. Because of some of the bike lanes (which I think were not thought out properly), traffic has become more congested- one of the areas being Kitsilano.  And it is not justifiable because a lot of these bike lanes are empty and underused most of the day!

  2. Bike lanes in front of Vancouver General Hospital? Seriously? Cmon city of Vancouver! Parking spaces are needed in front of a hospital! Especially for the elderly and those with disabilities who have mobility issues.

  3. Despite the obvious bike routes throughout the city, some cyclists do not go on them. I often drive on a different street in order to avoid the traffic congested street with the bike lane only to find cyclists speeding through that street as well. My guess is that most of them are aware of the bike lane on the other street and are doing it purposefully and primarily for their safety. And for those who are not aware, I apologize-https://www.translink.ca/Getting-Around/Cycling/Cycling-Maps.aspx

  4. I am proud to be a cyclist in Vancouver and it saddens me to say this but a lot of my fellow cyclists seem to have an entitled and smug attitude. They do not follow the rules of the road- they ignore traffic signs, signals and most importantly speed through stop signs. That is against the law and threatens the safety of others including vehicle drivers and passengers and pedestrians. What’s more exasperating is that the city of Vancouver does not enforce these rules with cyclists. And if they do, it is not enough. Everyday I witness cyclists breaking the law and I have never seen a police officer pull them over. They should be fined and ticketed just like everyone else who violates on the road.

  5. Last but not least, it is the law in BC to wear a helmet when cycling, Why is this not enforced? I see so many cyclists speeding through Vancouver without a helmet and I have never heard of anyone actually getting fined! Does the city of Vancouver not care about the safety and wellbeing of their cyclists?