Vancouver Big Box Shopping

Promoting Vancouver small businesses is our main priority however we do enjoy spilling the tea about the big guns as well.

On the recommendation of a friend, I purchased my outdoor plants this year at Lowe’s-Grandview (replaced Rona just over a year ago), located on the east side of Vancouver. I thank my friend for her wise advice; not only were the prices right but they were lower than Home Depot, Canadian Tire and local flower shops. And, it is September now and the plants have faired very well and some continue to bloom (this could be due however to our fantastic summer and my diligent watering vs the quality of the plants). Most importantly, my shopping experience was extremely positive as the customer service at Lowe’s was significantly better as well. This was especially evident during my second and third visits.

Searching for furniture to add to my patio, I decided to give Lowe’s a try. On my second visit, I was greeted moments after I entered by the manager of the Grandview store and when I asked for assistance he did not refer me to a floor employee but rather assisted me the entire time! He provided valuable info about all the products that interested me and their various pros and cons. Sadly, the last few times I was at Home Depot and Canadian Tire, the staff was scarce. What was more disappointing at Canadian Tire was when I did finally find a staff he appeared to have no clue what I was talking about ( I was looking for a foot stool) and told ME to look on their computer a few yards away.

Being a little bit of a bargain shopper, I decided to visit Lowe’s a third time this summer purely to explore and comparison window shop. Once again, I was greeted soon after entering by a very friendly staff. What I discovered during my quest was that Lowe’s floor displays are more creative and pleasing and they carry obviously similar product and brands to Home Depot but for the most part their pricing seemed lower. Throughout my visit, I asked a variety of staff questions and they all were knowledgable, friendly and respectful.

So, if you like a good deal and don’t mind shopping in a Costco type environment, and are looking for home decor, hardware, appliances, plants etc…then try out Lowe's. If not for the reasonable prices (because apparently both Lowe’s and Home Depot price match), then just for the experience of it and most importantly the superior customer service.